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The Magic of Herkimer Diamonds

We are so excited to be bringing our Huna Necklace and Huna earrings back to the shop! While we *anxiously* await the arrival of these two stunning pieces (pre-order now available!), we wanted to share with you about the magic of their featured crystal, the Herkimer Diamond.



Herkimer Diamonds are a doubly terminated variety of crystal quartz found in the foothills of Herkimer County, New York where they exclusively reside. Not only are they extremely rare, their brilliant clarity, diamond-like sparkle and healing properties make Herkimer Diamonds one of the most valuable and sought-after crystals around the world.
As the most powerful of the crystal quartz family, Herkimer Diamonds manifest the highest vibration of pure and solid light. These magical stones are perfect conduits of the Universal Life Force, making them exceptionally healing and useful for meditation, vision and dream work. Being doubly terminated, Herkimer Diamonds have the ability to not only transmit their own energies, but to receive and amplify spiritual energy. Often referred to as the Stone of Attunement, Herkimer Diamonds can be used to attune to yourself, to others and to the environment or energy surrounding you.
Herkimer diamonds are faceted by nature, so each and every gemstone is completely unique. Our Herkimer Diamond jewelry pieces include a variety of sizes of Herkimer crystals and styles to cater to your individual style and preference. 


Our Huna necklace features a wire-wrapped Herkimer diamond pendant on adjustable 14k gold fill chain, available in 18 inches or 29 inches with moonstone bead clasp connection.



Our Huna earrings are stunning Herkimer diamonds wrapped in wire on 14k gold-filled threaders.


Click HERE to shop all of our Herkimer Diamond jewelry! 
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