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Noelani Love

I AM a galactic sound alchemist and channeler of divine codes to awaken and activate the divine feminine embodiment on Planet Earth.
I am an artist who loves sharing my passions.
It is my deepest desire to empower you to explore your creativity and 
activate our collective voices as we rise into our full potential.
I love adorning humans with my conscious jewelry talismans to activate your light frequencies.
We are all energetic vibrational beings collectively experiencing this dream of life. 
As a mother, jewelry designer, musician and yoga teacher, my work is in service to the evolution + awakening of consciousness on planet Earth. 
We are powerful + creative when we tap into our divine birthright.
"We are the ones we’ve been waiting for."
With training in various styles of yoga + Sanskrit mantra in India along with traditional Hawaiian chanting + hula dance, I enjoy connecting ancient wisdom to modern-day life with humor + grace.
My motto is flow like water, as I find inspiration in my connection to the ocean as a surfer and free diver.
Noelani Hawaii's mission is to inspire you to embody your sovereign essence that you came here to be.
"We are free."
Through the combination of sound + crystal frequencies, 
I desire to awaken the divine light within YOU.  
Me Ke Aloha,
(all my love)
Noelani Love
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Noelani Hawaii Sunset Beach Studio
59-014 Huelo Street
Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712
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