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The Ripple Effect With Noelani Love

We have some exciting news...

Our Founder and Designer, Noelani Love, is launching her very own PODCAST!

The Ripple Effect With Noelani Love has been years in the making, and launch day is finally here! To celebrate, we are GIVING AWAY a $5 gift card to the FIRST 20 listeners who leave a review on iTunes! (After leaving a review, send us a direct message on Instagram @noelanihawaii to receive your gift card)

Before you tune in for the premiere episode on Sunday, May 10 (Mother’s Day!), we wanted to share with you about the inspiration behind the podcast and why you’ll want to listen. Keep reading to find out why Noelani Love is venturing onto this new platform and what she hopes to share with listeners during each episode!

Why did you want to start a podcast?

Noe: I've been dreaming up this podcast for years. I have met so many incredible thought leaders and inspiring women over the last few years of my journey, and I want to share their ideas with my friends, family, clients and followers. I feel that now is the time to start it, because we've been given this sacred pause with the Corona Virus to reset and create a New Earth. I feel that this time is beneficial for humanity, as we are forced to slow down and take a look at the current systems to understand what we want to do to create change for the betterment of all.


What fears have you had around launching The Ripple Effect?

Noe: Figuring out the logistics of a technology that is new to me is intimidating. I've been featured on lots of podcasts, but having to go behind the scenes is a completely different story. I think that, like with anything new, there is hesitation because of the fear of the unknown. What if nobody listens? What if I'm overwhelmed with more work? But on the flip side, I know that once I get the template in place, it will make it easier. And the perfectionist Virgo within me would delay the process forever because there is ALWAYS a way to make it better—which is why I'm just going for it!


What is the meaning behind The Ripple Effect?

Noe: I've had this phrase in my brain for about a year now, for several reasons. One: I am so connected to water. I love the ocean and surfing, as well as the moon. Our bodies are made of water, and I feel that we all have lasting effects on the future of our planet with every action. So this phrase “the ripple effect” embodies that action. In the yoga philosophy it's called Karma (action/reacion or cause/effect). I want to create a big impact in a passive way, just by talking story with amazing people, and hopefully those ideas will create ripples in other people’s lives and minds.


What will The Ripple Effect episodes be about? 

Noe: I will be interviewing women who inspire me: women who are entrepreneurs, health/wellness leaders, spiritual leaders, or creatives who are successful in their field by being authentic. It's hard to step out of the "norm" and be unique, because usually you get judged pretty hard, and there is an intital reaction of rejection to new ideas. But by sharing these, we open up people's minds to something that may actually be better for everyone.


What do you hope to offer listeners? 

Noe: I hope the podcast inspires our listeners to try new things, to break the mold, to be extra-ordinary and to know that their "weird" ideas may actually be worth sharing. The podcast will share a lot of tips on health and wellness that are alternative to the mainstream ideas. I've completely shifted my own lifestyle since becoming a mother, and am by no means "standard" in my opinion. It took a lot of courage and defiance to be who I am, and I am happier, stronger and healthier because of it. I want people to feel empowered to take their life into their own hands.


What can we look forward to in the first episode?

Noe: Our first guest will feature Debra Pascali-Bonaro, the founder of Orgasmic Birth. I was honored to have studied with her in a doula training retreat in Bali in 2017, which she co-teaches annually.  She has created a film called Orgasmic Birth, which inspired me a lot during my homebirth with my son Aukai. I want more women to be empowered in childbirth; it's a rite of passage that affects your entire motherhood. This idea of orgasmic birth may blow a lot of people's minds, and that's exactly what I want it to do. Let's think outside of our current context of birth which we've been conditioned to believe is "traumatic," "an emergency" or "painful." How are we setting up our future women to think about their bodies and a very natural experience (birth) that our bodies are specifically designed to endure? I know there are certain exceptions where a natural birth isn't safe or possible, but overall, the mindset needs to shift. Women's bodies are amazing, and I want to share that understanding with more humans.




We hope you are as excited for this new podcast as we are (we’ve been counting down the days until the first episode)! We want this podcast to serve, support and nourish YOUR life. So let us know—is there a topic you’re interested in that you’d like Noelani Love to explore? Is there someone you’d love Noelani Love to interview and feature in an episode?

We would love to hear all of your ideas!
Send us an email:

View the first episode of the podcast HERE.


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