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Shiva + Shakti

Say aloha to Shiva + Shakti, our newest crystal talismans.

In the tradition of Shaivism, the Hindu god Shiva represents the divine masculine aspect of all of creation, and the goddess Shakti represents the divine feminine. The masculine, Shiva is represented by solar energy or action, while the feminine, Shakti, is represented by lunar energy or intuition. 

Our Shiva Bracelet is our first ever style designed with both women and men in mind. Inspired by our desire to represent and protect both of the divine aspects of creation, these new bracelets contain Shungite, one of nature’s most powerful protectors. 
Shungite has recently been growing in popularity, and for good reason. In our modern world where we are constantly inundated with new technologies (5G, cell phones, smart watches, TV, WiFi, etc.) it's imperative for us to learn how to protect ourselves from the harmful energies these devices emit. So, how can we do this?
Although relatively new to the western crystal world, Shungite is an ancient stone that has long been revered as a purifier and detoxifier. Shungite is the only mineral on Earth that contains fullerenes, a type of carbon nanostructures that act as powerful antioxidants against viruses, bacteria, and other foreign invaders. This unique structural property allows Shungite to reduce the harmful effects of EMF’s and neutralize geopathic stress.
Wear this bracelet to protect your energy and overall health + wellbeing.
Shop our Shiva Bracelet HERE
While our Shungite Bracelets purify and protect, our Shakti Rings allow us to tap into our intuition as creative beings.
Shakti Energy is the dynamic, universal energy responsible for cresting life, just as mothers are responsible for giving birth. Our Shakti Rings were inspired by the different forms and expressions of Shakti in the universe.
These dainty rings are available in four different gemstone options, and are pre-sized for the perfect fit. Each stone is unique in shape and size, making our Shakti Rings truly one of a kind—just like you! 
As you wear these rings, release our creative expression out into the universe. Shop our Shakti Rings HERE
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