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Meet the Women of Noelani Hawaii

Happy Labor Day! 

Meet the women of Noelani Hawaii and learn about how each of us labors in front of and behind the scenes to spread our message of light and love. 




Noelani Love 

I am the founder and leader of our amazing team as we spread love around the planet with our jewelry, music and wellness events.  I learn from my team everyday, and support our growth and evolution service to the highest for all. I love playing in the ocean: surfing, free diving or swimming.  I love learning about culture, nature, healing + spirituality. 

Brook Hawkins

I am the studio manager at Noelani Hawaii. I take care of our lovely space, handle inventory and online orders along with customer service. I enjoy relaxing at the beach with a good book. Spirituality and higher consciousness peak my interest, and the role of self-education has been an extraordinary experience for me. 

Chelsea Grady

I am the Business Development Coach for Noelani Hawaii. I support Noelani and the team to set and achieve goals, feeling organized and supported along the way. I enjoy traveling, surfing, practicing yoga and hanging with my baby and hubby. 

Rebecca Milburn


I am the Jeweler/Production Manager for Noelani Hawaii. I love the intention behind each piece, and I always put all of my love and care into each piece I create. I enjoy practicing yoga, hiking and hanging with my loved ones.  

Michelle Vazquez 

I am the Graphic Design and Marketing Manager for Noelani Hawaii. I love to grow food, and can spend all day in the garden planting and caring for my fruit trees. I'm inspired by plants and nature and the parallels I find with creativity, teamwork and personal growth. 

Meghan Boone

I am the Social Media Manager for Noelani Hawaii. I work with our amazing team to create and share content that will spread our vision of light and love to women around the world. I love being out in nature and being active, whether it’s hiking, swimming, rock climbing or running. 


Questions or comments? We would love to hear any feedback on what else you would like to know about our team!






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