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The What and Why Behind Our Women’s Circles

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we will be gathering this Sunday for a Full  Moon Women’s Circle. Our sisterhood here on the North Shore is constantly expanding, so we wanted to share more about the why, what and how of our Women’s Circles for those who haven’t attended before. If you are interested in attending but are unsure of what goes on or are hesitant about attending, read on. 
 First thing’s first...


What is a Women’s Circle and why do we host them?

 “I was seeking a tribe on the North Shore,” said Noelani on why she decided to host Noelani Hawaii’s first women’s circle. “I wanted to connect with other women who were seeking sisterhood and to honor the divine feminine.”

Noelani decided to lead a gathering during the full moon, as the energy can be harnessed to set intentions with either the fullness of light or lack thereof.

When she advertised the first women’s circle on social media, Noelani didn’t expect a big turn out. “I thought it would be maybe 15 or so of my close friends, but 40 women ended up coming to that first night on the beach.  It became clear to me that this type of gathering wasn't just something I was seeking, but that my fellow sisters also sought connection beyond the typical social interactions.”

Social connection is one of the most essential parts of being human. Each of us, whether consciously or unconsciously, has a desire to feel like we are understood by, and connected to, others. That’s why the most important objective of our women’s circles is to offer a safe and open space for women to come together in collective consciousness to be heard, to be seen, and to be acknowledged.

“One of my favorite things at the moon circles is that all women are welcomed, there is no bias of skin color, age or size, but rather a feeling of acceptance rather than competition.”

All of the women who gather at our women’s circles come to connect—to honor the full moon energy and bond in sacred sisterhood. This shared desire for connection creates a feeling of community and togetherness, whether you come with friends or without knowing anyone.

 What do you do at a women’s circle?

We offer a variety of activities at our women’s circles, including: group sharing, breath-work, yoga, aromatherapy, dance, singing together, journaling exercises and more. 

At this Sunday’s women’s circle, we will be celebrating International Women’s Day with a traditional Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Ceremony, Yin Yoga, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing and Aromatherapy, along with live music and dance.

The goal through connecting in these activities is to see our fellow women as sisters—as members of our human family. Powerful healing can come when we set our intentions together and witness each other’s paths. As we support each other with unconditional love, we are reminded that we are never alone. 

What should I expect if it’s my first time attending?

While trying something new or going to something solo can be intimidating, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Many of the women who attend our women’s circles come alone or are coming for the very first time. 

Our Office Manager Brooke Hawkins attended her first women’s circle last August, and said she was a little hesitant going into the evening.

“It was a last minute invite by a friend,” said Brooke. “But I was working on being more open to new things and was wanting to make new friends.”

Brooke said that while she didn’t know what to expect, she decided to leave all judgement and anxieties aside and to be as open and honest as possible.

“Personally, my first moon circle was life changing,” said Brooke. “The entire ceremony was so incredibly beautiful. My favorite part about the night was receiving the sound bowl healing. I was so in awe of their power, it felt like I was in a trance.” 

Brooke’s advice to those who are hesitant about attending is to be present and open. “This is a time for you to set intentions for yourself while being surrounded by other women in search of growth, education and community. I’m a big motivator, so I would say that this event is definitely worth stepping out of your comfort zone. I guarantee you will walk out feeling supported and loved. 

We hope you feel inspired to join us this Sunday as we support each other and activate each other to shine our light and shed our fears. Click here to register for this event and reserve your spot!
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