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Lightworker Earrings

Calling all Lightworkers! Last month, we launched a small batch collection of Aquarian Huna necklaces featuring Herkimer diamonds. This exclusive design was so well-received by our clients that we wanted to offer another small batch collection! Say aloha to "Lightworker." Herkimer Diamonds weave through the "veins" of a 14k golf fill leaf to create this new take on our bestselling "Ligia" earrings. We only made FOUR pairs, and they will be dropping in the shop this Saturday (March 6th)! 

P.S. Once all four sell, this limited design will  be gone for good. Be sure to subscribe for our email list to be the first to know when they are released Saturday morning!  

What is the significance behind the name "lightworker"?

Noe:  I believe that anyone who wants to create positive change and a more loving culture on planet Earth is a lightworker. We all have the potential to shine our light, and it can be by simply being kind or helpful to a neighbor, or by being a healer in the medical field, or like myself, through music and jewelry design. Light is transmitted in multiple ways and it has lasting effects on all of us. You may have heard of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which affects those in areas where they don't receive much sunlight and can suffer from depression or symptoms similar to depression. Light is so necessary for life!

"I believe that anyone who wants to create positive change and a more loving culture on planet Earth is a lightworker."

What was the inspiration behind this new design?

Noe: One of my favorite stones right now are Herkimer diamonds (check out our Herkimer Diamond blog to learn more) because of the incredible vibration of pure light that they emit to the wearer. We (here at Noelani Hawaii) used to have multiple designs of our "Ligia" leaf style earrings with beads such as turquoise, freshwater pearls, (and even coral before we realized it was not sustainable) woven into the veins. We have been receiving a lot of requests to bring the beaded leaf styles back, so given the popularity and meaning of Herkimer diamonds, we thought that these exclusive crystal quartz would be perfect to introduce! 

Why did you choose to design such a limited batch?

Noe: The "Ligia" style is the most intricate design we create, taking up quite a bit of labor and time; weaving the beads into the 14k gold fill wire "veins" on the leaf is tedious work, so we wanted to keep these earrings exclusive. By offering only a select few available, each piece can receive the quality and care it deserves in the handmade process. This way each piece is able to stand-alone and also offer up it's highest energetic potential to the wearer, as a talisman of sorts. We chose the number 4 because it is considered a very sacred number; there are 4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 points of the compass, 4 phases of the moon, etc. As an artist, I love to use numerology in the work that I do because I consider us all sacred beings and my work is an extension of that.

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