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Goddess Collection

Aloha my friends!

I am so honored and thrilled to share with you a sneak preview of the newest collection, the Goddess Collection.

Why the Goddess collection, what does this represent?

I'm glad you asked...I love being creative, which is why I design jewelry for a living.  These last 6 months have been a bit of a transition for me, after going through a big relationship breakup, as well as the closing of our retail store in Haleiwa and moving to a smaller location close to home.  To say the least, it's been a big shift, and I'm finding the balance of being a single mama, boss woman and a spiritual being.


Passing time by being creative, seeing what magic my hands can produce allows  me to express my heart in a way that is acknowledged and honored.  One day earlier this year, I was alone in my design studio for hours. I was tinkering with some of my (large) collection of beads, playing with a few new design concepts, and the first pieces of a new collection began to be born.   (It always amazes me that I'm still able to brith new designs despite 15 years of jewelry design!)  The first few designs were very ethereal and angelic, and had a very heavenly, light quality to them, along with a feeling of feminine power. 


<span>Experience the divine magic of the </span><a href="">Moon Goddess, Isis.</a><span> Limited quantity available. </span>Order the exclusive Isis Earring today and receive FREE domestic shipping with discount code FREEISIS.

Experience the divine magic of the Moon Goddess, Isis, made of crystal quartz on hammered 14k gold fill wire.
Crystal quartz is a key player in this collection, which is an amplifier and master healer.  The Goddess collection also features a lot of labradorite. (I keep saying labradorite is the stone of 2018, as it is a highly mystical and protective stone that raises consciousness. There is so much discussion of consciousness and the time is now to raise the vibration on our planet and create massive change.)  
The jewelry designs in this collection serve as reminders to embody those qualities of the goddesses, such as perseverance, strength, courage, unconditional love, fertility, the elements of fire, water, etc.  


For our photoshoot, we intentionally chose women of all different backgrounds, from different ethnicities, hair color, skin color, and eye colors. I realized the potential of what we are creating with this jewelry line and the idea of women coming together. I remembered all of the different goddesses that I've studied from different cultures and lineages around the world. I always talk about the goddesses, and love to chant mantras to the goddess, so it only seemed appropriate that the collection would be named in honor of them.

We decided to use a white on the models to create a feeling of unity, emphasizing sisterhood and the power of women coming together. 

Goddess Collection Preview: The Namaka earring made with 14k Gold fill and Amazonite stones; The Venus necklace made with 14K Gold fill and Rutilated Quartz

 This encourages us to ask ourselves: how can we, as humans, embody those qualities of the supernatural? How can these jewelry designs become our talismans for our personal and spiritual journeys?  How can you embody the qualities of your innate power that you are born with, that maybe you haven't activated yet.  Just as certain foods that grow from the earth have beneficial nutrients for our bodies, these gifts from the earth, (these crystals & the metals,) serve as guides and support upon our path. Remember your power, your strength, your femininity and all that you are capable of doing. Remember that you are not alone, and that you are supported!

Really though, at the end of the day, the jewelry I make serves as a reminder to love myself unconditionally while still allowing my truth and heart to shine

Your creative potential is just waiting to be activated to it's fullest.

Our intentions are powerful, and when we program our lives with intention, we can create magic.

All my love,

Noelani Love

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