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 Mahalo to all of our lovely customers who come to visit us and shop online! 

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Thank you so much for getting the order to me so quickly, and for the lovely surprise of Noelani’s music - that was very sweet of you and I love it!

I first discovered Noelani when I visited the North Shore a year and a half ago, and I absolutely loved the jewelry that I bought. There were so many pieces that I loved, but I had to choose. I’m so glad that you have a website and you ship internationally, so I have been able to buy more pieces. The jewelry is so special, they're not just accessories, but have a beautiful energy to them that bring me happiness. I feel like they are my little amulets of joy and peace :-)

Thank you for sharing the spirit of the North Shore through your jewelry, I hope to be able to go back there again soon :-)





I just received my jewelry in the mail this afternoon and I have to tell you that I'm in love!

Thank you for making such beautiful jewelry, wearable from anywhere to the beach to fine dining.

♥ Julie


Hi Noelani,

This is Rie from Tokyo.
Thank you very much for the other day for having me in your studio. It
was so nice to see you. I loved the natural, happy and relaxed
atmosphere of you, Heather, Nicole, your friends, the dogs, and the

I gave rainbow drop hoops to my friends, so we all have the same
earrings but the different colors. They loved them so much for its
elegance and sophistication! I'm attaching the picture of three of us,
in addition to the picture we took at the studio :)

My friends (Katja and Maki) wants to know what the stone was, and the
meaning of it (sorry you explained to me once but I can't remember the
detail so could you tell me one more time?). The ones I got were Laila
and Oilau.

Thank you again for having me in the studio.
Looking forward to seeing you again.




hey girlie!

I was surfing the other day and rocking my Noelani trucker hat and passed this dude wearing the same hat and both did the ol' "oh hey there nice hat" wink thing. Way to bring people together!!   




I just wanted to tell you how much I love your jewelry! I bought my first item 2 years ago which was leaf earrings at the North Shore Soap factory. Since then I'm hooked on your designs and can't visit Oahu without buying not 1 or 2 but a ton of your pieces. :) I live in Toronto, Canada. I travel around the world with my job and I love when people comment me on my jewelry and ask where I got it. And I'm so proud to say that I got it in Hawaii. I love that your jewelry is made locally and not in a factory. That makes it that much more special to me. I attended your holiday party last month and had so much fun and got amazing deals on beautiful pieces you made. The food was great, music was awesome and your staff is so friendly. It kind of felt like I was at a friend's holiday party! I've also visited the farmers market often to see what new pieces you have. The funny thing is that I never used to wear jewelry but since I found your collection, I started to wear it all the time and I love it. What I love most about your designs aside from being made in Hawaii is that they are all very pretty, natural, unique and beachy style.

I travel to Hawaii as often as I can so I look forward to visiting your studio/Haleiwa farmers market again very soon! Mahalo for creating such great jewelry that I can wear and love!






I received the Love earrings a couple days ago.

They are super cute as you said!!

Thank you so much!!

I love all products I bought!

Best Regards,



I love every piece I have ever received and ALWAYS get compliments on them each time I wear them.  

They are even more beautiful when you see them in person and wear them. 

I was admiring all of my daughter’s (she could start a small store LOL)

Thanks again for your great customer service and beautiful jewelry!

Aloha until next time! ~Rhonda Bayne


I love wearing my Noelani Design earrings because they remind of of Hawaii and everything that comes with being there. 

Peacefulness, beauty, and happiness. I think of the times when I have visited Hawaii and went to the tent setup for Noelani Designs where there are so many treasures to be found and the most sweet down to earth girls working there. 

When I wear my earrings it reminds me of the wonderful days that I have spent in Hawaii, which makes me so happy! 

I love the many creations that Noelani comes up with and when I think of her jewelry I think of her smiling face!

 ~Andrea Romero


I love the delicate, feminine, eco-friendly and unique style of Noelani Designs. 

The pieces represent inspirations in nature and how they give me a softer look and remind me that everything comes from the Earth. 

The designs are always changing, moving foward just as life does and each piece is as unique as the name it is given. 

I enjoy customizing jewels and seeing what new designs have been brought to life and most of all knowing that they are hand-crafted with Aloha in Hawai’i! 

Thanks Noe for sharing your talent and beautiful designs as each piece is truly special to me!

Love & Aloha, Brandi Garcia


I love Noelani Designs because the pieces are always light, wearable and versatile.

 I have two young children and work with children every day for my job, so it’s important to look professional and attractive, and also wear jewelry that can withstand an active lifestyle.

Noelani’s collection is very easy to mix and match and pieces can easily go from day to night. 

Everything is beautifully reminscent of nature, and I love that many of her pieces have a spiritual meaning behind it. 

Her Spirit Collection is just one of the ways she empowers women to be the best they can be.

There is definitely a sense of love and aloha behind Noelani’s designs, and she passes that on to her customers in many ways – how she names her pieces, the stones she uses, the way she gives back to the community, and her generosity. 

The spirit of Noelani Designs embodies peace, love and happiness – from the inside out.


I love my Noelani jewelry!! 

My husband got me this necklace/ earring set so I can keep the aloha spirit long after my vacation is over.

I love buying souvenirs ” made in Hawaii”- they are extra special if from the North Shore. 

Mostly though, Noelani designs make me smile every time I put them on!! Nicole and Heather are awesome too.

Thanks!! Barbara


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