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As an earth-loving mother, artist, and surfer, my passion for holistic health and wellness is a part of my life purpose. 

I found Kangen water over 5 years ago, when I was seeking access to higher quality water than what came out of my kitchen faucet. On a quest to better my own health (after fighting off a deadly virus naturally which inspired me to dive into holistic wellness) I began to shift my lifestyle to uncover the secrets to natural health. Since then, I have been blessed with an abundance of energy, stamina, and youthful vitality. 

I share this high-frequency water with my family, friends, and anyone who comes to visit my crystal healing studio here on O'ahu.


Kangen water is electrically reduced, hydrogen rich performance drinking water. It attaches to your faucet and charges your ordinary tap water into extra-ordinary electrically reduced water. 

A Kangen machines produces 5 kinds of ionized water and has a pH range of 2.5-11.5 with over 68 uses for your health and home. Developed by Enagic, these medical grade in home water ionizers have been granted multiple certifications from the ISO and BBB for their quality control, environmental management and patented product.


High acidic diets are the norm this day-in-age. Keeping our bodies at a neutral and even slightly alkaline level is almost impossible (even if we completely cut out acidic foods) as environmental factors also play a role in the acidity levels in our bodies.   

 Oxidation and free radicals are hazardous to human health because they are known to deteriorate cells, cell membranes, DNA, and proteins that our bodies need. Antioxidants' job is to fight free radicals. Unfortunately, our body cannot produce enough antioxidants naturally to combat the excessive amount of free radicals. 


 The good news is, two glasses of Kangen water has the same antioxidant benefits equivalent to consuming five pounds of blueberries.

Our human bodies are over 70% water, and just like the ocean tides are affected by the moon phases, the water we put into our bodies affects our well-being.

- Noelani Love



Kangen machines do not produce Alkaline water, they produce Alkalized water. 

Alkalized water is created through a molecular electrical change, which occurs during the electrolysis process. A naturally occurring process which uses electricity to super charge the hydrogen molecules allowing them to properly hydrate every single cell in the body. 

The benefit of drinking the alkalized water is that it assists in bringing the body back to a neutral or more alkaline state.


Micro-clustered water means that the water molecules have greater capacity and effectiveness for hydrating the cells and carrying energy throughout the body. The cluster size of the alkalized water is reduced by about one half to two thirds the cluster size of tap water, which is why it is more effective at hydration. Through the process of ionization the water’s molecular clusters are reduced. This enhances the transportation of nutrients, assisting in the removal of waste products and supports the metabolism.


Oxidation Reduction Potential or ORP, measures how good a solution is at reducing oxidation. The more negative a solution is on the scale, the more electrons available to stabilize free-radicals. The more free radicals neutralized, the more toxins we can effectively flush from our system. Some examples of solutions which are “lower” on the ORP scale are; tea around -200 and fruit around -100. Examples of solutions “higher” on the ORP scale are soda + gatorade around +400 and bottled water around +200. 

Kangen water comes in on the ORP scale as -800! How’s that for anti-oxidation potential!


A disturbing truth is that most Americans who drink tap water are also consuming industrial or agricultural contaminants that have been linked serious health issues like cancer, harm to the brain and nervous system, changes in the growth and development of the fetus, fertility problems and/or hormone disruption.

Find out what's in your city's water.

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