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The Nā Wāhine O Ke Kai Collection - Women of the Sea


Nā Wāhine O Ke Kai

Women of the Sea

This Summer collection was inspired by the beauty of feminine energy & represents our intuitive, fluid nature as divine beings. 

As a lover of the sea and surfer, Noelani is constantly inspired by all of the amazing women she sees amongst the waves. Nā Wāhine O Ke Kai, which means “Women of the Sea” in Hawaiian was designed for any woman who connects intimately with the sea.

How Do Feminine Energy & The Sea Go Hand in Hand?

There is a deep connection between the divine feminine energy and the ocean. In more holistic belief systems, women are ruled by the moon, so just as the tides are affected by the lunar cycle, so are our bodies/minds/spirits. We are fluid in nature and ruled by our emotions. This collection serves as a reminder of our incredible power as women. We often forget or even fear our own potential.  For example, the Nāmaka necklace was named after the fierce goddess in Hawaiian mythology who was known for demanding respect and is said to bring the swells of waves to the Hawaiian islands!

What Are Some of The Key Crystals & Stones Used in This Collection?

One material used throughout the Nā Wāhine O Ke Kai Collection is mother of pearl. For the past 15 years of her jewelry designing, Noelani has always loved using mother of pearl in her creations, but took a break in the last few collections. When looking for inspiration for this collection, she found a plethora of beautiful mother of pearl shells that she felt inspired to make into new designs. This collection also features beautiful crystals like Malachite & Citrine. Malachite is a powerful transformational stone that has never been used before in our designs and assists in spiritual growth and physical & emotional healing. It also stimulates life force throughout the aura. Citrine is a powerful stone of manifestation and abundance. Its golden radiance holds the energy of the sun, which helps us radiate our light and gives life.

What is one of your favorite necklaces in this collection and why?

The Kaiea necklace! It features some of Noelani’s favorite stones. Kyanite is a spiritual stone of truth, communication and authentic expression. It encourages the wearer to speak honestly from the heart. 

“I feel at this time it is so important for each of us to be able to step into our authentic truth and express ourselves.” 


The moonstone and labradorite complement the kyanite as moonstone helps us to connect with our angels and labradorite helps to awaken our consciousness. 

As we continue to evolve here on Earth, these crystals are tools to help with our collective ascension and awakening. 

  Noelani described Nā Wāhine O Ke Kai, both the essence of women and of the sea as fluid, emotional, expressive, powerful, fierce, beautiful and sensual. We know you will feel these energies when wearing this collection!

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