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We've had many clients reaching out to us over the past few months asking if we carry any of our jewelry talisman designs in silver. In the past, we always carried silver as an option. However, when 14k gold fill grew in popularity here in Hawai'i, we wanted to create products that were in demand for our clients on the island. Now, as our crystal talismans have grown in popularity around the world, we've recognized that many of our international clients prefer silver jewelry. We want to create products that cater to everyone's unique style preference, so we have decided to begin offering select styles in silver again!

P.S. Unlike our 14k Gold Fill jewelry, which we  have in stock, our silver jewelry is a special offering and is made to order specifically for you! This means it might take a day or two longer to ship (likely less time than that as our jewelry production manager works like magic) than when ordering a piece that's already in stock.

We asked our Jewelry Designer, Noelani, and our Jewelry Production Specialist, Rebecca, to explain the different types of metals used in our crystals talismans + how to care for them. 

Are all Noelani Hawaii jewelry styles available in silver?

Rebecca: Not all of our styles are available in silver, and that’s due to a few different reasons. Silver is a lot softer of a metal than 14k Gold Fill, so some of the stones we use are not able to be held up with the same integrity with silver as they would be with gold fill. Some of the stones we get are specially ordered for the unique designs that Noelani Hawaii creates, and have gold fill bezel or hoops already on them. We want to keep these designs the same, so if it has a gold fill bezel or hoop, these styles are going to be exclusively in gold fill. But for the most part, if a design is able to transition easily into a silver piece, we will now be offering them in sterling silver as well. 

How does silver differ in terms of jewelry care?

Rebecca: Silver is a little bit different to care for as it tends to tarnish easier than gold fill, especially if you live in a humid climate or near the ocean. The easiest way to prevent/clean tarnished silver is to add a few drops of any liquid dish soap (i.e. Dawn) into warm water, and then to let your silver pieces soak for about 10-15 minutes. After they've finished soaking, use an old toothbrush to get into all the little crevices, focusing on the tarnished spots. After you've got them all shiny and clean, simply rinse in warm water and dry with a silver cloth or microfiber cloth. Silver does tend to tarnish in a different way than gold fill, so if you need a deeper clean, you can combine equal parts water and white vinegar to do the same soaking, leaving your pieces in for about 10 minutes. Use that same old toothbrush to gently scrub and get into all those little crevices, rinse and then pat dry again. 

How should silver jewelry be stored?

Rebecca: When you’re not wearing your silver jewelry, you want to put it in a little plastic baggie, especially if you are living in a humid area near the ocean as they tend to tarnish a bit more. We will be including a small plastic storage baggy in all of our silver orders.

Why do like using 14k Gold Fill in your jewelry designs?

Noe: I want our clients to be able to live, play, and be active in our jewelry designs. What I love about using 14k gold fill is that I can wear my jewelry in the ocean, I can wear it in the shower, I can wear it to bed, and it will only tarnish slightly as compared to silver or even compared to 14k gold plated. 

"Due to our detailed and intricate designs, the strength of the 14k gold fill really steps up to meet our need. What’s great about 14k gold fill is that it is a very high quality, durable metal and it is more accessible for the majority of our clients who want to beautify themselves with our jewelry."

Why do use 14k gold fill as opposed to 14k gold plated or solid gold?

Noe: When I first started designing, I was only using sterling silver. However, I quickly realized that I preferred the look of gold on my darker skin. Once I made the switch to gold, I actually discovered that I was sensitive and highly allergic to lower quality metals, which is how I found 14k Gold Fill. The benefit of gold fill is that what’s always touching your skin is actually 14k gold. This is because gold fill contains a thick, solid layer of real 14k gold on the outside of a brass core. So again, what’s always touching your skin is the 14k gold. Gold plated, on the other hand, contains only a very thin layer of 14k gold on the outside, and its core can be made from a variety of different base metals as opposed to high quality brass. Solid 14k gold is more expensive and is actually a softer metal, which means its harder to work with. Due to our detailed and intricate designs, the strength of the 14k gold fill really steps up to meet our need. What’s great about 14k gold fill is that it is a very high quality, durable metal and it is more accessible for the majority of our clients who want to beautify themselves with our jewelry. 

How does 14k gold fill differ from silver in terms of jewelry care?

Noe: The best way I find to take care of 14k Gold Fill is to get an old toothbrush and a little bit of baking soda and some lemon oil (I love to use doTERRA's Lemon Oil). Place a little of the lemon oil and baking soda on the toothbrush, then gently scrub the chain or the wire of the gold fill. You’ll notice your jewelry will start to get shiny as the oil and soda removes any dirt or debris that have attached themselves onto the metal

How can clients find out which styles are now available in silver?

Noe: Our website will look just as it always does with all of your favorite pieces available. If you want to see if one of your favorite pieces is available in silver, go to the product, click the dropdown menu, and in the variants where it shows the different sizes or colors available, you’ll also have the option to choose sterling silver. 

P.S. Please feel free to email us at any time for an inquiries you might have! :) But please not, if the option for sterling silver isn't available in the dropdown menu for the product you’re looking at, unfortunately that is one of the styles that we can’t convert to silver. 

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