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The Lōkahi Collection

It's finally here! Say "Aloha" to our Lōkahi Collection, featuring our new designs for 2021! In the Hawaiian language, Lōkahi means “unity.” This word serves as a reminder that we  are all connected in oneness; just as the colors of the rainbow are unique, they still stand together. Inspired by the blending of Hawaiian culture and the yogic chakras, these crystal jewelry talismans are meant to create balance, harmony and unity in your life. 

What are the chakras, and how did they help to inspire these new designs?

Noe: The chakras are basically energetic vortexes in different centers of the body, and they can often get out of balance. When we are unbalanced, our mental, physical, and spiritual health suffers. Crystals hold light energy that has the ability to transform and create balance in the chakras.  With our focus at on wellness at Noelani Hawaii in 2021, I wanted to offer this collection as a reminder that we can return to oneness in our own physical body when we provide ourselves with the right tools from nature. The crystals in this collection are specifically focused on the different chakras to help provide this healing.

Are there specific crystals that relate to the different chakras?

Noe: Yes! For example: 

Root Chakra: Labradorite or Garnet

Sacral Chakra: Citrine or Garnet 

Solar plexus: Citrine or Lemon Quartz

Heart Chakra: Turquoise

Throat Chakra: Lapis Lazuli

Third Eye Chakra: Amethyst

Crown Chakra: Moonstone

We have created specific "Eternity Hoops" that are based on the chakra system. They come in 3 different sizes with a chakra stone, as well as the option to purchase additional stones separately so that they are actually interchangeable. For example, one week you may want to focus on your heart chakra to feel love and compassion, so you would wear turquoise. The following week, you may want to focus on expressing yourself clearly, so you'll want lapis lazuli. This is the first time we've offered mix and match designs, and I'm really excited to share this with our clients!

Why did you choose lŌkahi as the name for this collection?

Noe: As a business owner and mother, I am constantly striving to flow with ease and grace as I put all of the pieces of life together. Learning about the chakras in my yogic studies has given me the understanding that we are made of energy. In practicing hula, we know that when we chant and dance together, the ability to unite in movement and sound creates a more potent experience for both the dancer and the audience.  I believe we could all use this sweet reminder of lōkahi in our lives right now.

"These crystal jewelry pieces are more than just jewelry, they are talismans. I believe that the wearers of the designs feel the Aloha spirit that we have embedded into them, and I feel that each wearer is able to shine brighter, feeling beautiful and empowered. Even if this is felt on a subtle level, I love knowing that what we are providing to our clients is creating a difference in the world by making people happier!" 
-Noelani Love, Designer & Founder

We are a mighty, yet small team of highly focused women. We take pride in making sure each piece is created with uniqueness, care and the highest quality materials. These one-of-a-kind designs are limited in stock, and lovingly crafted just for you! 

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