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Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide

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Empower your loved ones this holiday season with the gift of our crystal jewelry talismans. We've curated this gift guide to help you find pieces that perfectly capture the unique spirit and style of every goddess on your list. Happy holidays, and happy shopping!


Shopping for the free spirit in your life? These whimsical, vibrant pieces capture the bohemian aesthetic that any modern day hippie is sure to love. We suggest mixing and matching bright colors (such as our Rainbow Chakra Anklet) with earthy tones (like our Pahoehoe Necklace) to give a gift that’s as unique as they are.

 pupukea necklace   ▏$104
 Earth blend  ▏$33
 anuenue earrings   ▏$76
 makali'i neckalce   ▏ $98
 kalani earrings   ▏$98


Beachy, Hawaiian jewelry is kind of our thing, so we have no shortage of perfect jewels when it comes to the ocean-lovers on your list. From real shells to sea-inspired hues, these pieces embody the spirit of Aloha and our deep love of the deep blue. P.S. if you’re shopping for a surfer, we suggest any of our Itsy Bitsy Hoops as they are specifically designed for the active lifestyle and to be worn in   the water.

 shell itsy bitsy   ▏$36
 aquamarine shakti ring   ▏$48
 uluwehi necklace   ▏$88
 hanu earrings   ▏$62
 Water blend ▏$33
 nalu necklace   ▏$84


Sophisticated and striking with a touch of sparkle, this collection features stunning pieces for the ultra chic goddesses on your gift list. Because who doesn't want a stocking full of *Herkimer* Diamonds?

 ether blend   ▏$33
 huna earrings   ▏$111
 mahealani earrings   ▏$70
 parvati necklace   ▏$68
 parvati bracelet   ▏$58
 herkimer diamond ring   ▏$48


Looking for a timeless gift? While we love colorful gemstone and statement designs we also appreciate the beauty in simplicity. These dainty jewels complement the modern woman and are perfect for everyday wear. Their simple designs also make them some of our favorite essential layering pieces. 

 ligia earrings   ▏$74
 pahoa necklace   ▏$74
 huna choker   ▏$72
 itsy bitsy earrings   ▏$30
 air blend   ▏$33
 lewa necklace   ▏$54


We believe that jewelry is more than just a pretty accessory. It's a form of expression and a way to highlight your unique personality and style. We've picked out some of our favorite pieces that play with shape, color and texture for the fashion-forward trendsetters and statement jewelry lovers.

 prosperity necklace   ▏ $58
 yamuna earrings   ▏$62
 fire blend   ▏$33
 kukui earrings   ▏$82
 iao earrings   ▏$111
 kyanite shakti ring   ▏$48
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