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Our favorite crystals for

setting intentions in the new year

We asked our founder, Noelani Love, to tell us how we can use the healing properties of crystals to help reach our goals and stay aligned with our intentions in the new year.

I love the reset of a new year. To me, it represents a fresh start on all my goals that weren't met or prioritized in the last year. I feel that it's a time when we can let go of the old and focus on the new.  Crystals can be useful in the new year because they help us to connect with the light that shines within us. We can sometimes forget that crystals hold energy. But these stones are a very powerful tool, as they come from the earth and are created over long periods of time.  

Each crystal has a variety of unique healing properties. Depending on what your desired goal or intention is, there is always a crystal to help support you. I prefer to set intentions rather than have resolutions because I resonate with the word intention more. I like that with an intention, it can be a broad goal, and that it can turn out better than we imagined. To me, a resolution makes me feel as if something is wrong that needs to be fixed, and I believe this thinking can often be more harmful than helpful when it comes to reaching our goals.  I think there is a divine timing and flow to everything, and that when we lead with love, those things we desire will come to us.  A better way to set our goals is to consider what we value in our lives and then take approachable steps to achieve them. We have to be realistic with ourselves, considering our schedules (work/family balance, etc.) as well as be committed to our own growth and evolution. I believe it's healthier to focus on positive intentions rather than what we are lacking. "Focus on what you do want," is what I like to say. For example: "I want to workout for 1 hour/day with a trainer," rather than simply "I want to lose weight." The new year is a wonderful time to reset, realign and set lofty goals for ourselves, as long as we remember to create a strategy that will help to set us up for success. 


Labradorite is such a wonderful stone for 2021 because it's all about awakening consciousness. We are at a point in history like no other before and are being challenged in so many ways. We are learning to sit with ourselves, and to become more intimate with our family, friends and community. Labradorite also helps us connect to our spiritual purpose, as well as uncovering our destiny. I always believe that everything happens for a reason, so it's great to consider all that is happening on our planet is a part of our spiritual growth as a collective. This is a perfect stone to help you remember why you came here.

herkimer diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds are also a great stone for 2021 because they are said to hold a vibration of pure light, and are also well known as conduits of the Universal life force. I think it's safe to say we could all use some light energy with high vibes right now! Our society has gotten so far away from spirituality. We are so focused on material wealth and commercializing everything that we seem to forget we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies. Herkimer Diamonds can help us tune into dreamwork, and I think it's important for us to dream in a new future since we pretty much have a blank slate. Systems are needing a reset, and we have a beautiful opportunity to recreate this world we live in. If you want to activate your inner light, Herkimer diamonds are a great tool to help you remember your divinity. 

lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is another great crystal to support us in the new year because it's a stone of self expression and truth. And  I know from personal experience the difficulty that can arise when we try to speak our truth. In a world that teaches us that there are certain "correct" social standards or "ways of being," when we differ from the norm, it can be very uncomfortable. In relation to how I feel about herkimer diamonds helping us to recreate a future, I think we need new voices and new ways of expression to create a healthier vibrant planet and society. If you have been in hiding and are feeling ready to express yourself and be seen, this is the stone for you! 


I also love amazonite for the new year because it is actually the stone of new beginnings! How perfect is that for anyone setting new intentions and moving forward with new goals? Amazonite also has a wonderfully soothing effect on the nervous system. Holidays are fun and beautiful, but along with the hustle bustle comes a lot of stress. Amazonite can help us to attune our bodies to function more effectively. Our nerves must be calm so we can think and act clearly as we create new intentions, set strategies and move forward with the actions needed to manifest and reach our goals.


The healing properties of these stones can be used in many different ways. Of course, I recommend wearing the crystals so that  they are in your auric field and on your body working their magic subconsciously. You can wear them as jewelry or even in your pocket or purse. You can also use them in meditation by placing them in your hands, on your lap, or nearby. I love placing them on my clients when I'm offering crystal sound healings. This allows them to receive the healing crystal vibrations from both the crystal bowls as well as the crystals. You can usually clean your crystal in fresh water (some should not be rinsed such as kyanite and selenite), and I love to charge mine under the full moon so they can receive a light code activation. 

You can simply place the stones in the moonlight and let them bathe just as you would sunbathe. It's been a beautiful process to work with crystals and feel their healing energy in my life. It's funny to think I didn't even understand that crystals had powers when I started designing jewelry, but I always knew there was something so magnetic about them. It's a process of learning and discovering, and I don't think I'll ever know enough!

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