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Crystal Bowl 

Sound Healing

With Noelani Love

Have you ever taken your finger, dipped it in water and run it along the edge of a crystal wine glass to hear the sound vibration? This is crystal sound healing in its simplest form! Sound healing is a powerful tool that is used to vibrate the cells in the body into a state of peace and harmony.  Crystal bowls can be made of all types of different stones and minerals, such as crystal quartz, ruby, amethyst, emerald, even gold and platinum. Each bowl can vibrate at different frequencies or notes. Depending on the thickness and size of the bowl, as well as the constitution (what it is made of), it can effect the physical and mental body many in different ways.

Everyone can have different experiences but the goal is to allow the "cells to dance in harmony into a balanced state."

When did you first begin practicing sound healing?

Noe : I first  became interested in sound healing when I started to practice yoga, and I attended a sound healing where there were multiple crystal bowls, gongs and other sound tools. I went into a deep state of rest and ease in my body and mind. It was unlike anything else I had experienced in my life. It was like I was on a journey through a visual landscape of dreams and images, and then I allowed my body to melt into a deep state of rest. Everyone can have different experiences but the goal is to allow the "cells to dance in harmony into a balanced state."

Who can benefit from sound healing?

Noe : Anyone can benefit from sound healing. We are all so affected by the constant stream of incoming information (whether it be from the media, our family, work, etc.) and it is important for us to take time to allow our bodies to vibrate into homeostasis. Moms, dads, children--anyone can receive this medicine. I've heard of cancer patients working through their journey using sound healing. In ancient times, we used sound to transform negative energy into positive energy by singing, wailing, crying. 

What significance do the crystal bowls play?

Noe : Sound, as we know, has the power to transform our energy, whether it's a great song that brings us joy, or an ambulance siren that causes stress. Crystal frequencies are gifts from the earth that allow us to tune into our natural vibrational state of being, and return our own frequency back to love. I love offering this service to my clients, because I have experienced the benefits first hand, and I understand that life is stressful. When we have the appropriate tools to support our mental, emotional and physical health, we are happier and healthier people. When we are happy and healthy, we can share more love, health and happiness with those around us!

What can someone expect when they book a sound healing session with you?

Noe : In our crystal sound studio at Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu, I offer private and group sessions which include an intuitive oracle card reading, followed by gentle guided breath work. I will then place crystals along your chakras and lead you through a guided meditation while playing powerful crystal quartz bowls attuned to the endocrine system. The session will wrap up with singing a traditional Hawaiian chant while playing the ukulele. For special events, group sessions are available which include gentle yoga and kirtan.

check out our latest YOUTUBE VIDEO to see what it's like to experience a crystal sound healing session in our sunset beach studio.

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