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3 Crystals That Inspire Love

There is no denying the powerful healing properties contained within crystals. Crystals are born from the Earth, and you can feel their energy. So, as Valentines Day approaches, we
 wanted to share with you our favorite crystals to help nurture and support you during this season of love.

We asked our founder and designer Noelani what the best healing stones are when it comes to matters of the heart. Whether you are seeking to attract love into your life, nurture an existing relationship, or practice the art of self love, harnessing the energy from one of the crystals below can help align your intentions and open your heart to sharing and receiving this powerful universal force.


What 3 crystals do you most associate with love?

Noe: Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz and Kunzite.



Are there specific crystals that are connected to different types of love?

Noe: Rhodochrosite is one of my favorite stones, as it is a a variety of colors, from raspberry red to passionate rose. Also known as the stone of the compassionate heart, it comforts the soul and is a talisman of joy.  This beautiful stone symbolizes selfless love, but also directs the love first to oneself so that the love can then be generated to others. Rhodochrosite resonates with the inner child energy, so it helps one to reclaim their playfulness and creativity. It also helps to heal old wounds and traumas so that we can forgive and let go of past woundings and move forward with forgiveness and unconditional love.

Rose Quartz is also known as the heart stone, and is effective in attracting intimacy and romance, as well as new love. It can also increase closeness in friends and family, as well as community.  Rose quartz also inspires beauty, and is attuned to the frequency of the Earth, the Universe and Consciousness.  

Kunzite, known as the Stone of Emotion AKA the Woman's Stone, and connects the heart and the mind. Kunzite helps to break down walls that have built up around the heart, and encourages abundant love. It can be especially helpful for single or first time mothers, and is also excellent for girls going through puberty. It can also be helpful during travel.


Have you used crystals to help inspire different types of love in your life? If so, which crystals did you find most helpful?

Noe: I have used rhodochrosite a lot in my life for healing old trauma from relationships, and learning to love myself deeper. I designed the LOVE necklace when I first discovered the benefits of rhodochrosite, and fell in love with the variations of color within each stone. I also carried around a rhodochrosite in my purse after a challenging breakup (after being in relationship for 7 years), and I was learning how to love myself again. I found myself being more playful and more joyous after a time of grieving.

Pictured above are our Ulu Earrings

I have always loved rose quartz since I began designing jewelry, and it is one of the first stones I began to work with. I have a giant chunk of rose quartz that I place in front of me when I offer ceremonies of women's circles, crystal healing, or song circles. I feel that it helps to hold down the frequency of love and a reminder to everyone that we are all connected to the Earth, as spiritual beings in human bodies. 

I have heard about kunzite over the years, and only recently started to work with it. I'm excited to be releasing a small line of uniquely faceted kunzite necklaces. I am still learning to open my heart everyday, and am really excited to be working with this stone, as I feel that my work is an embodiment of activating the divine feminine energy. I love that kunzite is called the woman's stone. 


How do you hope to inspire love through all that Noelani Hawaii has to offer?

Noe: I hope to inspire love through all that we do, because through all of the different paths I've studied, in all of my travels and adventures, in my highs and my lows, I know that the answer is always love.  There have been times in my life when I haven't felt loved, I haven't loved others, and these different modalities of healing have all led me back to love.


Through my yoga practice, I get to come back to myself. I get to checkin with my spirit, my emotions, my body, and I know that I am taking care of myself, which is love, and then I can radiate it out to others.

Through sound healing, our frequencies attune to the vibration of love, through the sound of the crystals.

I love that women get to feel beautiful in our jewelry designs, and beauty is another form of love. When women feel beautiful, they feel loved, and when women love, they radiate it and spread it out to the world around them. And this is what the world needs more of right now. Love, sweet love.

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