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Vocal Activation Course Level 1

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You may still register for the Vocal Activation online course (until June 16) in case you would like to watch the recording from the first class.

Join me (Noelani Love) for 4 live coaching sessions as I support your journey of self expression.  All calls will be recorded, so if you cannot join the live session, you can watch later.

For most of my life, I struggled with speaking and singing in public; I was afraid of being heard.  My mother still has a hard time believing that I do this as a profession now. I have worked hard to understand how to use my voice as a tool of empowerment and expression, and I know that like everything in life, it takes practice to become better. I believe that we are all divine beings, and we all have unique gifts to share as part of our life's purpose. I will share with you the tools that I have learned in my personal process, and that have also supported many of my students.  I am excited to share with you the power of your voice.  Learn to lovingly express your soul's authentic voice, while learning basic ukulele skills.

Live calls will be held weekly on Thursdays for 75 minutes each on the following dates:

June 11 at 12pm HST

June 18 at 12pm HST

June 25 at 12pm HST

July 2 at 12pm HST

The sessions are recorded so that you can access them at your leisure.

We have a SPECIAL "Buy 1, get 1 1/2 OFF" DEAL!!! See pricing for details!

**Be sure to include emails for both participants when paying for 2 people.**

We are also offering one scholarship FOR 50% OFF! To apply for the scholarship, CLICK HERE.

💗💗💗All participants will receive a custom 5th chakra "Ether" custom aromatherapy blend, along with 10% off the entire Noelani Hawaii online shop of jewelry and custom aromatherapy blends.💗💗💗💗💗


I will guide each session, sharing tools and exercises to support you in expressing your truth by activating your voice.  

During each live call I will share practices, tools and tips to support your your authentic expression.

You will have access to connect with me on 2 private 15 minute calls (one during the course and one within 1 week of completion of the course.)  


Exercises and tools will be shared to express yourself more clearly, such as: 
~journaling practices to inspire your true soul voice to be expressed
~creating personalized mantras to support your highest self
~weekly homework so that you can practice in your daily life and create habits that will last a lifetime 
~basic ukulele instruction so that you can create songs WITH YOUR WORDS
~group shares to release fears of being authentically heard and seen


This course is designed for ANYONE who:

~desires to remove blockages of the throat chakra

~is ready to learn how to communicate more lovingly from the heart

~has a hard time expressing their truth

~would like to write music and play the ukulele

~is ready to be heard in a more authentic way

If you wish to create change in your life, it starts with your voice. You are supported!

Join us on the adventure of expressing YOU in 2020."


Sign up today to commit to becoming a more authentic version of you, and express yourself to live out your dreams!

You deserve this for you in 2020!


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Schedule a FREE consultation to call to see if this course is right for you or email:  with questions.




This VOCAL ACTIVATION course was amazing.  It wasn't only "Voice Activation," it was more of soul activation.   Recognizing the roles that we play and make a conscious choice to shake energies up on every level.  Noelani was a beautiful powerful teacher who took an active role in guiding us, challenging us, and helping us heal ourselves.  I highly recommend to anyone who would love to shift energies in their life.
 "Noelani’s music reconnects me to my true self and fills me with energy. It reminds me of my worth, my goodness, and my intuition. My 18-month old was recently sick and her Lakshmi Lullabies album soothed her to sleep. And not only that, it calmed my nerves as an overtired mama and gave me strength and power to stay steady through my daughter’s sickness. Thank you Noelani, for sharing the gift of your music with us!"  ~Chelsea Grady


 "I feel the Divine Feminine singing through Noelani and she truly embodies the love she preaches with every word and chord. My favorite track is "E Ho Mai" as the presence and flow it shares while on video touches my spirit so deeply." ~Wailani Maika'i

FAQ + Returns/Exchanges

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At Noelani Hawaii, we assure that you will receive a quality product as each piece of jewelry has been individually handcrafted with ALOHA. It is our desire to satisfy every customer with jewelry they feel beautiful in. We guarantee everything we make.


If you are not satisfied with your jewelry, you may exchange your piece to Noelani Hawaii for store or online credit.
Items can be exchanged for full credit if they are: 
  • Returned within 15 days of purchase, in original condition (with no evidence of wear and tear)
  • Sent along with a copy of the receipt  

When exchanging a product + sending it back to Noelani Hawaii (address below), be sure to include your contact information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address.  

 ** Please note, all SALE and discounted items are FINAL.  They will be non-returnable and non-exchangeable.



Noelani Hawaii is not responsible for shells/stones/parts that might break from overuse/mistreatment/natural deterioration.  However, it is possible that some pieces may break from a manufacturer defect or have overlooked our quality control specifications. 

If your jewelry has broken within 15 days of purchase and it seems as if it was from a design defect, please send an email to so that we can support you in fixing your piece. You may need to mail your piece into the address below.

Overtime, the metal may become tarnished or stones may experience discoloration due to natural occurrences, body oils and artificial ingredients that may build up on the jewelry.  You can send your piece in for a "tune-up", for a minimum custom charge of $20, depending on what needs to be fixed. See below for mailing address.


Don't worry, you are not the only human who has asked us if we can make a match. We do this all the time:) 

Please email us first to see if we have the materials to create a match. The cost of creating a custom match to your earring will be 50% of the price for the full pair, plus a $20 custom fee. 

If we do have the raw materials available to create a match, we will need you to send in:

  • All of the original beads and materials with your piece, including the matching earring in order to make a best match.  (Photos with measurements are also helpful but we cannot guarantee a good match, which is why it is preferred that you send us an earring from the original pair.)

We will do our best according to our inventory on hand and the information and materials you provide to create a jewelry piece that satisfies our standards.


Returns, exchanges and fixes can be mailed to:

Noelani Hawaii

ATTN: Returns

59-018 Huelo St.

Haleiwa, HI 96712

***Please send an email to:, with any questions.



Due to COVID-19, please note that International orders have been taking longer.

***We have just added DHL Express Shipping for international orders, which will take about 3-5 days to arrive.**

All items are shipped via USPS within 7-10 business days. 

We offer FREE Shipping on Domestic Orders over $150. 

Shipping cost will automatically be updated at time of checkout.

Domestic Shipping Rates:


  • First Class $3
  • Priority Mail $7.00
  • Express Mail: $26
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    DOMESTIC First Class (other than HI): 

  • First Class $3.50
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International Shipping Rates:


  • $14 for First Class International 
  • $38 for Priority Mail International         
  • $44 for Priority Express International


  • $14 for First Class International 
  • $45 for Priority Mail International         
  • $65 for Priority Express International


  • $14 for First Class International 
  • $49 for Priority Mail International         
  • $65 for Priority Express International


  • $14 for First Class International 
  • $44 for Priority Mail International         
  • $62 for Priority Express International


  • $17 for First Class International 
  • $53 for Priority Mail International         
  • $63 for Priority Express International


  • $14 for First Class International 
  • $42 for Priority Mail International         
  • $65 for Priority Express International

 **PLEASE NOTE: Noelani Hawaii is not responsible for lost or mishandled items during transit.

International shipments have been known to take up to 4 weeks to arrive. If you do not receive your package after 1 month, please contact us at . 



Gold filled wire is a professional jewelers grade wire. It will not crack, chip, peel off or turn your skin green. It is safe for most people with sensitive skin who can wear solid 14 karat gold jewelry. I started using 14k gold fill components because of my own sensitivity to certain metals. I also wear my 14k gf rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the (salty) ocean and they will not change colors!

Gold filled wire is a tube of solid 14K gold that is then filled with jeweler’s brass. There is 100 times more gold in gold filled wire than in gold plated wire. 14k gold filled wire matches your solid 14K gold jewelry perfectly because that is exactly what you are looking at: 14 Karat gold.  It is NOT the same as gold-plated or gold vermeil. It is higher quality and will last an entire lifetime under normal circumstances. 



You're not alone. This happens when you are having too much fun enjoying life, and we receive this request often! Send in your lonely earring and we will do our best to create a match.

It is way easier for us to create a match if you actually send in the single earring, and we can do our best to replace the lost earring. You will be charged half of the cost of the original pair with an additional custom order charge of $20.

Send an email to to notify us that you will be shipping your earring. Please indicate which style you will need replaced, along with a photo if possible.  

Please ship in a padded envelope to avoid damage. Customer is responsible for shipping charges.  

Our mailing address is:

Noelani Hawaii

59-018 Huelo St.

Haleiwa, HI 96712.



Please keep your jewelry safe in it's pouch, in a jewelry box, or on your home jewelry display stand. Please do not throw them in your purse or beach bag. They might get squished. Our designs are delicate and meant to be lightweight and feminine, they are not bowling balls. Love your jewelry, and treat it with care.

Gold filled wire will eventually tarnish, but not as easily as your sterling silver. If it looks like it's not as shiny as when you originally put it on, you can use the following recipe:

1. Line a ceramic bowl with aluminum foil

2. Place your tarnished jewelry inside the foil

3. Cover the jewelry with 1 Tablespoon of baking soda

4. Pour 2 cups steaming water over the jewelry.

You can also scrub the jewelry gently with a toothbrush, baking soda and hot water.

Sterling silver jewelry can be cleaned with a commercial silver cleaner. After using the polish or cleaner, pat dry with a clean towel and enjoy your shiny silver jewelry!

**Avoid contact with pearls when using any commercially bought jewelry cleaning product.


14k Gold Fill とは?お手入れ方法は?

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1. 陶器でできた器へアルミホイルを敷きます

2. ジュエリーをアルミホイルの上に置きます

3. 大さじ1杯の重曹(ベーキングソーダ)でジュエリー全体を覆います

4. 沸騰したお湯2カップ程度をジュエリーの上から注ぎます

5. チェーンなどの細かい部分に入り込んだ汚れなどは、使い古しの歯ブラシに重曹とお湯で煉り状にしたものを付けて軽く擦ってください。


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