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Join our 75 minute LIVE Zoom Sessions. 

Calls are every Friday at 10am HST for 4 weeks. 

April 23, April 30, May 7, & May 14

Space is limited.

Your higher self is calling!

Join me to open your heart, find your voice, & free your soul.

You will learn more than basic ukulele skills and vocalization practices. You will be empowered to move through limiting beliefs and express yourself authentically.

Give yourself this gift to honor & embody your highest self.

This course is for everyone:

⇾ to learn how to play the ukulele & write music

⇾ to feel empowered to sing original songs

⇾ to create meaningful change in your life   

⇾ to remove blockages in your throat chakra 

⇾ to express your authentic truth    

⇾ to learn how to communicate more lovingly 

⇾ to tap into your natural, intuitive, creative energy

⇾ to learn non-violent communication

⇾ to create empowering habits that will impact all areas of your life

⇾ to activate your voice & step into your life's purpose

⇾ to release fear of being authentically seen & heard 

⇾to perceive our bodies as instruments of the divine  

This course includes:

⇾ Basic ukulele instruction (chords & strumming)

⇾ Song-writing skill development   

⇾ Guided Pranayam (breath work) exercises 

⇾ Lessons in Sanskrit mantra & Hawaiian chant 

⇾ Affirmations for neural pathway re-wiring   

⇾ Personalized mantras to support your highest self   

⇾ Self-care embodiment practices   

⇾ Exercises to unblock fears and re-write your story  

⇾ Journaling prompts to explore your authentic expression  

⇾ Rituals to prepare yourself for the creative process   

⇾ Grounding exercises to connect to the wisdom of Mother Earth        


Meet Noelani

As a mother, jewelry designer and yoga teacher, Noelani’s motto is “Flow like water,” as she finds much of her inspiration for her art with her connection to the ocean.  

With extensive training in yoga, mantra and traditional Hawaiian chanting & hula dance, Noelani enjoys connecting ancient wisdom to modern-day life with humor and grace.  Her work is in service to the evolution and awakening of consciousness on planet Earth. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

As a Native Hawaiian singer & songwriter, Noelani Love combines soulful, conscious lyrics with ukulele melodies to empower her listeners and create social change through the spirit of ALOHA. She invites her audience to sing along to experience the innate joy that lives within each of us. 

Her music is an invitation to activate the power of your own voice, while her mission is to unite humans in a peaceful revolution through the voice of Love. 

Join the course

Noelani will guide each session, sharing tools and exercises to support you in expressing your truth by activating your voice. You will learn how to play the ukulele, write your own lyrics, & sing your original songs.

Each 75 minute live group session is recorded. If you cannot join live, you can access the recordings at your leisure.

Also, receive one additional 15-minute private 1 on 1 session with Noe. 

Your Investment: Sliding scale of $222-444

We are offering one scholarship. Email me to apply »

BONUS! You will also receive:

♪ Access to curated Spotify playlists to inspire and empower your journey  
Complimentary Affirmation Necklace of your choosing + 15% off all Noelani Hawaii jewelry for the duration of your course  
♪ A private portal for coursework and assignment access  


♪ Private Instagram group to stay engaged, share and support one another's process   

♪ Free entry to any Full/New Moon offerings (Live or YouTube Live) during the course dates  


"The Ripple Effect Course with Noelani is a specific practice to help you find your "voice" through clearing blockages and creating space, awareness and opening of the throat Chakra (VISHUDDHA). This is a very personal journey. Noelani gently guided me with her love, intuition and knowledge of the Chakra energy centers to help me begin to see (and hopefully eventually) to "speak" my truth clearly, and feel more expressive by opening up the throat Chakra. I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and WOMAN! I work hard everyday for everyone around me. I didn't even realize that I was leaving myself out. I needed to learn to realize what I needed for me, how I could convince MYSELF first (inner voice) so that I could learn to express my voice to SPEAK clearly about what I need and deserve. The use of mantra, my inner voice, and beautiful MUSIC (Noelani's voice+ukulele+the true "music" she shares from her soul) has touched a place inside of me that ignited my true SELF, my voice. It is hard work to get through the layers of limiting beliefs that I am for some reason holding onto. Working through this with such a loving, compassionate soul who TRULY cares has made it easier to do this work. I feel this work, support and reuniting of true SELF with true VOICE would benefit all women! Thank you Noelani from my heart for your gracious, healing offering."

- Rebecca

"I cannot find the words to express the wonderful experience I had playing the ukulele with Noelani. Ever since I heard her version of Lokah Samastah, I wanted to learn how to play the ukulele. I had no experience on the ukulele or any other instrument. Noelani taught me more than just how to play Lokah Samastah on the ukulele, she helped me explore my voice, taught me how to breathe and just feel the music, and showed me how to bring this experience back home to share with my family. Not only was I able to sing them Lokah Samastah, but my boys and I are having fun making up silly songs and even singing our clean up song to the ukulele."

- Ashley, Ukulele Student

"It was absolutely beautiful and loving and nurturing and soul-lifting to be in community with light-minded beings sharing the gift of song. Thank you for your presence and devotion to the divine through your voice, movement and aloha. 🙏🏼♥️✨"

- Jacquie Laird

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