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Scholarship Application for Vocal Activation Course 2020

Mahalo for your desire to activate your expression!

We are offering a 50% OFF scholarship to 1 student for the Vocal Activation course, beginning on June 11 . The total will be $55.50, due before June 11.

Please answer the following questions, and remember to share your truth here as we anticipate many applicants.

Copy + Paste the following into an email and submit them  to with the subject line as "Vocal Activation Scholarship."

1. Name:

2. Social Media Handle (IG or FB):

3. How did you find out about the course?

4. Please share a little bit about yourself.

5. Why would you like to take this course? How do you feel like a scholarship will impact you?

6. What do you wish to contribute to the collective consciousness with your work in the world?

7. Please share a photo of yourself doing something you love.

Thank you for applying!

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