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Hawaii Retreat Schedule

Thank you for your interest in this amazing retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our daily schedule during the retreat will flow as follows:

7:00    Optional morning walk/hike

8:00    Breakfast

9:00    Meditation

9:15    Workshop/dharma talk

11:00   Yoga

12:30   Lunch

1:00 - 4:00   Free time (massage, napping, or soaking up the sun, journaling, etc.)

4:00    Workshop continued: Self-care Rituals & Deepening Morning Work

7:00    Group Dinner


Each day of our retreat is focused on a different theme of Self Care to create a continuous flow for participants to embody the practices into our individual lifestyles.



Day 1: Sunday, January 20th

Honor where you’re at: Am I willing to accept myself?

* 3pm Welcome, opening circle, prayer/chant, agenda

*4:30pm Yoga Practice
* Afternoon discussion: What is Self-care & Self-love and why is it so hard?
* Quick intro to Ayurveda: earth, air, fire, water, ether and how they relate to the doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Daily rhythms & seasonal rhythms of each dosha
* 6pm Welcome dinner Practice: Short gentle yoga followed, by Yoga Nidra & Self-Love meditation
* 7 pm Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony

Day 2: Monday, January 21st

How do you see yourself? (Physical/earth)
Ground into the powerful energy of Kohala and begin exploring the earth energy that dwells within all of us. In our morning discussion we’ll talk about how the earth is here to support us & how to use her grounding energy to help create support & stability in our lives. We will begin embracing the natural you with non judgment and start creating sacred spaces in our lives. Grounding Hatha Yoga, pranayama and meditation will help embody these topics. You’ll have plenty of time for lunch, relaxation, self guided activities and journaling each day. Coming together in the afternoon for check-ins and afternoon workshop of dry body brushing.

* 6-7:30 am Optional sunrise hike to Pololu Valley

 Day 3: Tuesday, January 22nd

How do you feel about yourself? (Emotional/water)
Dive in deep to your emotional waters. Assessing where you may be resisting and if your willing to go with the flow. Taking stock of your self worth. Exploring and honoring your feelings in a safe space, and allowing them to flow freely.

Embodying these topics with a Shakti flow yoga practice, balancing pranayama and water meditation. We come together for afternoon workshop to practice body scrubbing, blessing & infusing our water and create your own body scrub or bath soak.

*Optional swimming in sacred pond and waterfall during lunch break.

*After dinner Full moon ceremony: The art of letting go to create space for you hearts desires.

Day 4: Wednesday, January 23rd

What is your place in this world? (Spiritual/Fire)
Explore your burning desires and how to use fire to alchemize them. Getting in touch with you core beliefs and talking a look at how we allow others to treat us. Begin a daily devotional practice and learn the Hawaiian sacred practice of Ho’o pono pono. Kundalini yoga, breath of fire and fire meditation will assist in embodying these teachings. In our afternoon workshop we’ll check in and learn the power of body tapping.

Day 5: Thursday, January 24th

How do you talk to yourself? (Mental/air)
Your invited to float on the winds of grace. Discuss the power of the mind and shifting your perspective. How your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your beliefs, your beliefs become your destiny. Practice mindfulness, positive mirror talk & self talk. Create your own affirmations or mantras. Start to develop a meditation practice. Prana building yoga practice, pranayama and meditation will assist in embodying these topics. Afternoon workshop will be self-massage.

Day 6: Friday, January 25th

How do you share yourself with the world? (Space/Ethereal)
How can we create more space in our lives? Discuss the importance of creating physical and energetic boundaries, how doing less can be more fulfilling, and the importance of being opened to receiving help from others and the universe. Take a look at how your community and work impact your lives. Yin yoga practice and spacious pranayama and meditation will help embody these teachings. In afternoon workshop we explore body shaking followed by a flower crown making workshop.

*Ecstatic dance party follows our closing dinner. Wear an outfit you feel sexy in, your flower crown and shake things up!

Day 7: Saturday, January 27th

Moving forward, incorporating these practices & re-entry
*7am Breakfast

*8 am Meditation.

*8:15 Morning discussion: Recap of the week, then you’ll be invited to make a list of practices that you learned and want to incorporate in your everyday lives. Make a commitment to yourself to do these everyday for a month. Have a brief discussion on nutrition for your life outside of retreat and re-entry.

*9:15 Closing circle

*10 Final practices: Gentle yoga, Yoga Nidra, meditation on self-love

* 10:45: Closing prayer & being held accountable
*check out is at 11am. Bags must be packed before morning meditation.

*Optional meet-up at farmers market in Hawi (10 minute drive) for lunch.


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