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Mantra Magic

"Mantra is a divine drop.”  -Swamiji Chidanand Saraswati of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India

I’ve just returned home to Hawaii after a long 5 weeks of travel. One of my main objectives for traveling was completing a mantra yoga teacher training at an ashram at the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India, lead by Anandra George.  When I share this, many people have asked: “What is Mantra?”  

I’m glad you asked. Have a seat.

I have enjoyed practicing yoga for the last 7 years, and am constantly amazed by the depth of learning to be found beyond the ‘exercise’ aspect that most of us know.  The more that I learn the less I seem to know.  Diving deep into yoga is like swimming into the ocean, enjoying the sea life in the shallow shorebreak, only to realize that the ocean is miles deep, stretching to the horizon, filled with species- a whole new world to be explored.


 (Morning Yoga Asana practice on the Ganga on my first morning in India)

One beautiful facet of yoga, a nice transition beyond our normal asana (physical) practice, is the singing and chanting of Mantra.

Mantra (as Wikipedia defines it) is a sacred utterance, believed by practitioners to have both psychological and spiritual powers.  When we chant mantra, we tap into an eternal force outside of ourselves, one that allows us to remember our own spiritual truth and essence.

The most well known yogic mantra “OM” (or “AUM”) is described as the primordial vibration, the sound of creation, the sound of life itself.

It is said that Om represents the infinite universal consciousness. You may have heard your teacher open up or close a yoga practice with this mantra and wondered what it means.  You may have been advised to join in on this sound.  You might have felt self-conscious in making this guttural sound, or maybe you felt a huge release of stored energy, as I do when I howl at the moon, or when one screams into a pillow.  A feeling of freedom, perhaps. 

Om is the most elemental sound, and through this sound we allow ourselves to connect with the source of all of creative consciousness.  Om is a very grounding sound, and it also helps students to become present in the moment and perhaps, feel connected to source. As one of my first yoga teachers Kendyl Beschen offers, "Om is the sound of the universe humming." It is the sound of nothing and everything at the same time. 

 Our lovely classroom of students and teacher practicing mantra. 


There are hundreds of ancient mantras.  Mantras are typically chanted or sung by repeating them over and over. This process allows us to become one with the mantra, and can assist us in releasing other thoughts that might be controlling or consuming our minds.  Because we are repeating the mantra, our mind starts to vibrate on the same resonance as the mantra.  It is then that the mantra becomes the default thought in our brains, rather than something such as “I’m not good enough." Or "I’m not smart enough." Or "I’ll never be able to do that." 

We are literally reprogramming our minds to transform our subconscious thoughts. 

Mantras are spoken in one of (if not) the oldest languages on planet earth.  It is believed by some that Sanskrit is a Universal language (yes, that it was brought here to Earth from Universal Beings).  The language itself is scientific, in that the different mouth positions used to create the alphabet sounds correlate to and activate specific parts of our brains.  How cool is that?

This sounds extremely esoteric, and it is.

The philosophies behind Mantra lie beyond our Western understanding of how our human mind works and what it is capable of.  Through mantra, we evoke our own divine qualities.  We discover aspects of ourselves that we may have forgotten or lost.  And we find those divine facets come forth and be present again in our lives.
It is beyond what my words can describe. 

Different Mantras have spiritual interpretations such as a human longing for truth, reality, light, immortality, peace, love, knowledge, and action. 

Saraswati, the Goddess of speech, knowledge and the arts.

Saraswati, the Goddess of speech, knowledge and the arts.

Here are some of my favorites that I have used in my personal practice:

“Om Aim Sarasvatyai Namaha”- for stimulating creativity, knowledge and speech.
“Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha”- for removing obstacles and clearing the path for new beginnings.
“Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyai Namaha”- for calling in the blessings of abundance and prosperity.
“Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”- for promoting peace, happiness and freedom for all beings. 

We are able to change our thought patterns, re-wire our brains to be in synch with ancient mantras that have been chanted for thousands of years.  The mantras themselves have power, prana, or as we say in Hawaiian mana.  That energy is channelled and directed to create peace on earth, honor the divine light in each of us, and connect to higher consciousness.  How beautiful is that?

In my yoga classes, I love to open and close classes with mantra, where I invite my students to join in.  I watch the beautiful transformations happen, as we sing together and open our hearts to the power of mantric sound.  I feel so grateful to be able support my students along their journey through the magic of mantra, just as my own life has been transformed through its power.   

Mantra can be used in so many ways.  I am excited to be offering some wonderful mantra classes in June, and incorporating mantra into my upcoming jewelry collection.  I also started to record my very first mantra album while I was abroad in Bali.  I had no plans of doing this when I began my journey from Hawaii to India and Indonesia 5 weeks ago, but what can I say…that’s the power of mantra.  

I am so grateful to have taken this plunge into this ancient knowledge. What a world it has opened up for me! I feel very fortunate and blessed to have been a student in the first ever 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training based solely on Mantra.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can be a part of the mantra journey with me.  If you’d like more details, sign up for my email list on the bottom right of the homepage here: www.NoelaniHawaii.com.

Mahalo for reading this blog.  Namaste.
(Photos courtesy of Ayana Dake, Lisa Takata and Kristen Termorshuizen)

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Kathy Bolte
Kathy Bolte

May 22, 2016

I loved sharing this experience with you Noe. Your blog took me back on an emotional journey of all the loving practice we did together. Thank you for that. Namaste sweet sister.

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Gem Guide

Amazonite | Amethyst |  Apatite  |  Aquamarine  |  Chalcedony  |  Chrysoprase  |  Citrine  |  Druzy  |  Fluorite  |  Freshwater Pearl  |  Garnet  |  Iolite  |  Kyanite  |  Labradorite  |  Lapis Lazuli  |  Lemon Quartz  |  Moonstone  |  Mother of Pearl  |  Opal  |  Peridot  |  Pink Opal  |  Puka Shells  |  Pyrite  |  Quartz  |  Rose Quartz  |  Rhodochrosite  |  Ruby  |  Sunstone  |  Tanzanite  |  Topaz  |  Tourmaline  |  Turquoise



  • agate is excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy,
  • harmonizes the yin and yang, the positive and negative forces of the universe
  • metaphysically, agate has a lower intensity and vibrates to a slower frequency than other stones, but is highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence


  • heals and opens both the heart and throat chakras to enhance loving communication
  • Assists in manifesting universal love
  • Soothes emotional trauma
  • Alleviates worry and fear


  • symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom
  • using an Amethyst as a meditation focus will increase the positive spiritual feelings and love of the divine
  • helps overcome fears and cravings, as well as relieve headaches
  • can also be used as a dream stone and to help insomnia by placing the stone under your pillow while sleeping
  • this powerful protective stone can transmute negative energy into loving energy and enhance intuitive guidance



  • aids in manifestation
  • can help deepen meditation as well as raise kundalini energy
  • aids in communication and self expression, leading to knowledge of truth through the throat chakra


  • reduces stress and quiets the mind
  • a stone of courage, it is believed to counteract dark forces
  • sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance
  • clears the throat chakra and encourages service to humanity
  • encourages responsibility for oneself and promotes self-expression


  • a powerful cleansing stone that absorbs negative energy in order to balance the body, mind and spirit
  • transforms melancholy into joy
  • eases self-doubt
  • facilitates inward self-reflection
  • creates harmony


  • stimulates self-acceptance, forgiveness and compassion
  • said to enhance fertility
  • promotes relaxation, deep meditative states and peaceful sleep
  • stimulates creativity
  • energizes the sacral and heart chakras


  • powerful cleanser and regenerator
  • warming, energizing and highly creative stone
  • absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy
  • stone of abundance, teaching us how to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity and  success
  • soothes group/family discord
  • raises self-esteem and self-confidence, helping to develop a positive attitude
  • enhances concentration
  • helps overcome depression and fear
  • promotes inner calm so wisdom can emerge


  • encourages clarity of mind
  • stimulates the rising of Kundalini energy to the crown chakra
  • balances the chakras
  • amplifies the energy of the surrounding stones


  • powerful mineral that helps ground your energy and improve focus
  • absorbs negative energies within the environment
  • helps heal infections and disorders within the body


Freshwater Pearl

  • symbol of love and purity
  • promotes truth and loyalty


  • balances the root chakra
  • stimulates passion and creativity
  • promotes courage needed to overcome challenges or situations of crisis
  • improves self-confidence
  • works to heal blood-related diseases

Green Onyx

  • physically, onyx is beneficial for teeth, bones, bone marrow, the feet, and blood disorders.
  • a secretive stone that assists in keeping your own counsel
  • provides support and relief in times of exceptional stress and confusion
  • can be used to heal old grief and suffering


  • activates the third eye, enhancing visualization and intuitive insight
  • aids in understanding
  • helps you express your true self
  • creates harmony in relationships


  • a "dream stone" that when placed on the forehead can bring insightful dreams and emotional release
  • a symbol of purity and serenity
  • much revered in the East, it is associated with increasing love in the heart chakra 
  • releases negative emotions



  • opens the throat chakra, encouraging self-expression and communication
  • excellent for meditation; amplifies high frequency energies
  • cuts through ignorance, fear and blockages
  • boosts self-confidence
  • relieves anxiety


  • connects you to your higher consciousness
  • brings light to the wearer and blocks negative energy
  • stimulates intuition
  • balances fears and insecurities
  • strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe
  • a stone of transformation and useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance
  • a highly mystical and protective stone

 Lapiz Lazuli

  • opens the third eye
  • balances the throat chakra
  • stimulates enlightenment and enhances psychic abilities
  • releases stress and brings serenity and peace
  • protective stone, blocking you from negative energy
  • encourages self-expression and speaking your truth

 Lemon Quartz

  • meditation with lemon quartz will enhance focus on your goals with a clear, bright outlook to manifest your future as you wish it to be
  • a good luck stone, it helps usher in opportunities for abundance
  • helps curb diet-related cravings


  • balances the hormonal cycle
  • soothes and stabilizes the emotions
  • promotes intuition and helps develop clairvoyance
  • balances the sacral and solar plexus chakras
  • brings about good fortune and passionate love

Mother of pearl

  • attracts fortune and happiness
  • symbolizes purity, integrity and grace


  • enhances cosmic consciousness
  • induces psychic and mystical visions
  • reflective, karmic stone, teaching you that what you put out comes back
  • helps you realize your full potential
  • stimulates creativity


  • promotes grace and serenity
  • brings about forgiveness of oneself and dissolves feelings of self-blame
  • enhances prosperity in all areas of life
  • gently releases anger

Pink opal

  • said to aid in cleansing and activating the root and sacral chakras
  • creates a feeling of being centered

Puka shells

  • originates from cone snail shells in the ocean  
  • In the Hawaiian tradition, the wearing of puka shells was thought to ensure a peaceful and safe voyage, especially for sailors on a long journey


  • excellent energy shield, blocking out negative energy
  • a positive stone, facilitating tapping into abilities and potential, stimulating the flow of ideas
  • improves memory
  • boasts self-confidence
  • relieves anxiety and frustration


  • raises the vibration and amplifies energy
  • enhances psychic abilities and attunes you to your spiritual purpose

Rose Quartz

  • a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace
  • activates the heart chakra
  • purifies and opens the heart and helps to attract love
  • enhances positive affirmations


  • helps to attract soul mates
  • clears the solar plexus chakra
  • helps you to face the truth with loving awareness
  • encourages a positive attitude
  • enhances dream states and creativity
  • can lift depressed moods and bring light into your life


  • stimulates the heart chakra
  • encourages you to "follow your bliss" and passion for life
  • promotes dynamic leadership
  • attracts sexual activity
  • creates a positive and courageous mentality
  • encourages transformation and removal of negative energy


  • Sometimes called mystic sapphire, this stone is typically a sapphire which is heat treated to give it a coating to make it shiny.  
  • They are said to facilitate peace and balance within the physical, mental and spiritual energies of the body
  • Sapphires, in all their beauty, have been highly regarded and sought after throughout history, and associated with kings, emperors and Greek gods.


  • clears all the chakras
  • a joyful stone which brings in light and energy, allowing the true self to shine through happily
  • encourages optimism and enthusiasm
  • acts as an anti-depressant, lifting dark moods and bringing in the regenerative power of the sun


  • activates the throat chakra for clear communication and expression
  • promotes compassion
  • calms an overactive mind
  • brings a peaceful understanding of one's own heart


Tiger's Eye

  • a protective stone, bringing out integrity and promoting clarity of intention
  • alleviates depression
  • helps to mend personal issues of psychiatric dis-ease, a feeling of unworthiness and self-criticism
  • increases low-sex drive


  • a soothing stone that heals and energizes
  • promotes truth and forgiveness
  • helps you to find your true path
  • stimulates self-confidence



  • cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration
  • grounds spiritual energy
  • clears and balances all the chakras
  • attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity
  • balances male/female energy in the body


  • serves as a protective stone, keeping the wearer from harm
  • brings about good fortune
  • symbolizes friendship
  • can increase growth and muscular strength, as well as detoxify the body
  • said to balance all the chakras